• John Byrum

The Glory Goes To God

How many times have you seen a terrible thing or hear of an injustice and thought to yourself, "Why doesn't someone do anything about that?" I have been guilty of that many times in my lifetime. In my case that thought is typically followed by a sigh, a shake of my head and then totally forgotten.

For long-time Monroe County native, Sharon Davis, it was driving by the old, dilapidated, former Holiday Motor Lodge just south of Madisonville, Tennessee that spurred that thought. At the time, the old hotel was being used as a tenement to house impoverished and /or drug addicted men and women, many who had families with children. As she passed the eyesore, she witnessed drug deals being transacted openly and use of those drugs in the presence of the children of the residences.

Sharon had voiced her concern about this situation many times to her mother, Doris Davis who listened with great interest. After several of these conversations, the Mother looked at the daughter and said something that helped start her on a journey of a lifetime. She told Sharon, " Maybe God wants you to be that someone who does something!"

Those words helped kick start a five year mission to shine a light on a very dark place. Sharon's goal was to rid the community of that scourge and turn it into a place where lives could be saved and rebuilt. After years of facing down drug dealers and drug users and an uphill struggle to find a way to finance all of the dreams she had for the place, her perseverance paid off.

In conjunction with True Purpose Ministries of Maryville, Tennessee, Sharon took the lead in applying for and securing a grant of $350,000.00 to breath new life into that old hotel. Speaking with her about this amazing project, she gives credit for its success where she truly believes credit is due. " The glory goes to God!" she proclaimed. She goes on to add, "Without his hand, we could not have accomplished this."

I'm sure everyone in Monroe County and the surrounding area will agree that True Purpose Ministries and Sharon Davis deserves a hearty round of applause and and pat on the back for a job well done.

Soon, we will be interviewing Sharon for our Vlog so she can provide us with updates to the progress of this incredible, life-changing project. Visit us at our website at

Stay tuned!


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