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“All a skeptic is is someone who hasn’t had an experience yet.” — Jason Hawes

Legends, Lore and Lots of Pizza

Have you ever met someone whose interests are so varied and diverse, you want the conversation to continue indefinitely? I recently had the pleasure of meeting such an individual. Our discussion was so interesting I could have talked all night. I had so many questions to ask, I was afraid I was going scare him away. The further into our conversation we went, the more I realized how much knowledge and experience this fellow has in so many areas. To say I was mesmerized would be an understatement. So now, my challenge is to figure out a way to put this story in a format to give the reader an insight to what I experienced. Here goes………

Just north of Madisonville, Tennessee, just off Highway 411, is a pizzeria like none other. Legends and Lore Pizzeria is owned by Eddie Robinson. Eddie is one of those rare individuals who truly cannot be labeled. The name of this establishment should give an insight to Eddie and his interests that I mentioned earlier in this article.

When I first met Eddie, during a live interview for Simply, I asked him how he preferred to be introduced. Without hesitation, he responded that he was a pizzeria owner and a paranormal/cryptid researcher. It suddenly became clear to me why he named his pizzeria Legends and Lore. I had to know more.

Our interview started off with Eddie sharing with us how he got into the pizza business. It was a classic “rags to riches” story. He started out as a delivery person for what was then a franchise of Fox’s Pizza Den. As time went on, Eddie worked himself up to managing the store and eventually buying out the owners who wanted to retire. He successfully grew the business and had a reputation of one of the best pizzas in Madisonville.

Recently, Eddie decided to forego the franchise and create his own unique pizzeria and maintain his excellent reputation. This is when Legends and Lore Pizzeria was born. It was a huge success. He created a pickle pizza that garnered over 11 million hits on the internet and had people flying into Madisonville from as far away as Idaho just to try his creation. (He tells us there are more exciting creations to come!)

As our conversation continued, we turned away from pizzas and to Eddie’s other interests. I was surprised to learn that he was a musician, a songwriter and owner of many musical instruments; 51 guitars to be exact. (A man after my own heart!)

But, as the legendary Paul Harvey used to say, let’s hear the rest of the story!

During our interview, I decided it was time to find out more about his interests in the paranormal and cryptid research. This is where it got remarkably interesting. It turns out, Eddie and his wife are both heavily involved in an organization that researches cryptid creatures called They search for the creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch but also delve into other cryptid creatures. According to Eddie, there are several sightings per year of these elusive creatures, and many have been seen in the mountains of Monroe County.

His involvement with the paranormal doesn’t end there. He and his group also do research into things that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding such as spirits and other supernatural phenomena. This is the point where I wished we could have talked all night.

However, being a busy man. It was time for Eddie to get back to work and for me to ponder all we talked about. Please take the time to listen to my interview with Eddie and gain a greater insight to this remarkable person. And if you want some of the best pizza you’ve ever eaten, stop by Legends and Lore Pizzeria at 119 Pedigo Road in Madisonville! Stay tuned!!


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